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  • Des Hunter

    Close to a year ago we starting researching the process to refinish our kitchen cabinets. We found that there were 2 main processes - using solvent based lacquer and water based. Most web sites recommended Water based but Sharrard Painting used Solvent. We were concerned on using Solvent but Todd's website was very professional in providing details on the procedure and advantages. A visit to Todd's shop also gave more detail on the procedure and a look and feel on the finished product. Another concern was the smell of using a Solvent based lacquer on the "bones" of the cabinets (parts that could not be removed to his shop). Todd showed us his venting machine with a portable air exchange. The information provided by Todd and his in depth website convinced us to select Sharrard Painting for refinishing our cabinets from the original Ginger colour to Dove White. We made the right choice - Todd was professional in his performance, keep us advised on the process, always cleaned up as much as possible the kitchen every night which allowed us to use it to prepare our meals. Even the smell was a lot less than we thought and only lasted a couple of hours. At the end, the kitchen looked like it was the original one installed. Another point is that a friend had their cabinets refinished at the same times using the water based process. Our cabinets were smoother to the touch than theirs. We highly recommend Sharrard Painting for refinishing kitchen cabinets.

  • phyllis vazquez

    We researched quite a few kitchen cabinet refinishing companies and chose Todd, which was the best decision we made. The quality of Todd’s work is phenomenal, our kitchen cabinets look brand new, just as if we bought brand new factory made cabinets. The website is very clear and detailed and explains the whole process. Todd was very professional right from Day 1, with clear emails explaining the process and very organized with the on - site work and clean up and everything was done on time as promised. We are very happy with the finished work and highly recommend Todd, you will not be disappointed!
    Phyllis and Sergio

  • Chris A

    Todd was great from start to finish on our kitchen cabinet and door repainting process. He started with a detailed quote and walk through of the process, along with expected timelines. We had spoken to several different painters and companies in Oakville and Burlington, and it became clear that we needed to find someone who specialized in cabinets and doors. I also appreciated the fact that they are local, with a shop in Oakville. Todd was able to advise us in terms of when to do the cabinets if we were also doing the countertops or backsplash, to make sure things were done in the right order. Todd was also very helpful in suggesting colour options to match our expectations - you would be surprised how many shades of white there are. He was able to streamline the process with a few samples, and pointed us in the right direction on colour tones. The work began on the agreed upon date, took the exact amount of time on site and off site as quoted, and had the doors freshly painted and reinstalled within a few weeks as indicated. The work is extremely high quality and Todd has great attention to detail. He spotted potential issues I would have never even considered, and took care of everything along the way. Todd was very helpful It was clear he is very experienced. I would highly recommend Sharrard Painting to anyone looking to repaint their kitchen cabinets and doors. We are very happy with the results!

  • Connie Stephen

    There aren't enough stars to truly reflect the quality of work and professionalism that we experienced. From start to finish, we were overwhelmingly impressed. Our Etobicoke kitchen looks new, with a better painted finish than what we started with and new handles. Most striking is Todd's attention to detail in all aspects of the project, setting him apart from so many others and making all the difference.

  • Hugo de Melo

    We recently had our kitchen re-finished by Sharrard Painting. Our kitchen looks amazing, the team at Sharrard Painting did an incredible job right through to the finished product.

  • Nancy Kaidas

    Superior results saved a small fortune renovating my kitchen.