Pull Out Drawers for your Kitchen Cabinets

Recently one of our customers asked us to spec out some pull out drawer boxes for their kitchen cabinets.  After looking around at standard out-of-the-box kits we realized the we would be spending considerable $s before we even did the install.  I’m glad to say we made these 6 drawer boxes for half the cost (installed), and we can say they were custom made.  A little modest on the design but, as the customer said, “perfect and highly functional”.

Tips on Building Custom Pull Out Drawer Boxes:

All the material was purchased from Home Depot:  rails or drawer rails are attached to the sides of the cabinets – a 5/8 shim should be attached to either side to both provide clearance from the hinges and to reinforce the strength of the box.  Determining the width of the box is easy:

Width of Box = Cabinet Width – (1 inch for rails + (width of support shim *2)).

Therefore if your cabinet is 24 inches wide and your support shim is 5/8 of inch then your drawer box size is = 24 – (1 + (5/8 *2)) or 24 inches less 2.25 inchs or 21.75 inches.  The depth of the box is either 22, 20 or 18 inches.  A 22 inch deep box works for most standard cabinets.

Home Depot can do all the cutting for you.  Thats the hard part and they have the perfect percision saw to make it happen.  In Oakville they will charge you up to 8 dollars to cut up a 4 by 8 sheet of material.  For the 8 dollars you can get enought cuts to build yourself 6 to 8 drawer boxes.  Additionally they sell the various options for drawer slides – see homedepot.ca.



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