Painting Contractor – Interior & Exterior Painting Services Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and Milton

Sharrard Painting & Fine Finishing provides the following painting contractor services:

  • kitchen cabinet painting (new and refinishing of exsiting)
  • spray painting
  • pre-finishing – doors, baseboards, spindles, railings, etc
  • fine finish interior painting
  • new construction / custom homes


You can view our article on Cost of Painting – re the Milton or Mississauga Market.  The information is basically the same for painters in Oakville or Oakville painting companies.

Interior Painting:

Sharrard PaintingInterior Painting: We pretty much do all types of interior painting with emphasis on cleanliness and organization. Before we start any type of prep work we make sure all floors and furniture are covered. This is real important to us. When we leave the job, we always like to leave it cleaner then when we started. I take great pride in this area. In general if we are painting the entire inside or just several rooms of your home, we usually start with one room and finish it, then move on to the next room and so on. This method is much less intrusive than tearing your whole house apart.

Prep Work: Quality Work is something we strive for. From making sure all holes and cracks are patched, to sanding all old drips and bumps off the areas that are going to be painted. We caulk all the gaps and seams between the walls and trim. All patches will be primed. All doors, cabinets and trim are brushed out. Our cut lines are nice and straight. After each day of work we do a full clean up to your satisfaction.

Color Samples in Long BeachColour Samples:   If you are going with the same color as before or changing colors all together, we are sure you will see a nice difference. Choosing colors sometimes can be a tough task. We will try to do everything we can to make sure you are happy with the color you selected, by providing samples to various areas of your project before we start to apply the finish coat. We understand that no matter how nice of a job we do, if the color is off then you’re not going to 100% satisfied.

Paint: Quality finish paints. Again this just makes sense. Some people think paint is paint and I would have to disagree with that. Some of the benefits of using quality interior paints are the ability to wash the walls or clean off stains. Colors do not fade from sunlight coming through the windows. Consistent sheens. They just last much longer than if you were to use bargain paints

Exterior Painting:

Long Beach Painting ContractorsExterior Painting can vary between different painting contractors. So what I would like to do is highlight some of the things that we take pride in. One of them is before we start any job, everything is planned out according to your schedule and what works best for you. We know that having painters at your home 8 hours a day can be an invasion on your privacy. We try to make this experience as smooth as possible by letting you know what tasks we will be performing the next day as we move forward with project.

With exterior painting projects, we take great care in keeping your plants and surrounding gardens in great shape, this is another area I take great pride in. You won’t come home and see a painter cleaning his brushes in your rose garden. Before we start any exterior job, we will ask you where the best place to clean up is, if there is none then we will take our equipment home with us.

Prep work Prep work. In general, 70% of painting a house is prep work. From washing, sanding, caulking, patching and priming. The other 30% is applying the finish paints. Prep is the key for a long-lasting and nice looking job. We prefer to use oil primer for raw wood areas as it penetrates into the wood better than the water base primers.

Color Samples in my opinion are important. Sometimes what you see on that little color chip will wind up looking completely different when it’s on your house. This could be for a variety of reasons such as lighting conditions, the texture of the surface and surrounding colors. So it’s best to apply some actual color to the house to make sure it’s what you’re looking for. Let’s face it, if the color is not right then no matter how good of a job we do you are not going to be 100% satisfied.

Painting Products Used

paintersoakville - benmoore1Quality finish paints. Just makes sense. You spend all that time on prep and getting it ready for finish. Why ruin everything by trying to save a few bucks on using cheap paints. We are proud users of Benjamin Moore paints.


Technology has come along way. This water base enamel acts and looks just like oil. Benjamin Moore Advance is our go to enamel for interior trim. If you  think nothing looks or feels like oil based paints then you might want check this product out. I doubt you will be disappointed.  It won’t yellow as much, dries hard like oil and just about looks like oil.

AuraOne of my favourite paints for exterior trim is Benjamin Moore Aura series. The technology and the time that was put in this product makes it an outstanding choice for exterior wood. The low luster is a great choice for siding, the semi gloss is a great for trim.

Oakville PainterRegal Select & Benjamin Moore BEN line is pretty much our go to line for interior walls and ceilings. The exterior line of this product is outstanding for stucco. This product has been around a long time with slight improvements over time. Basically this line has been the back bone of all the Benjamin Moore’s paints. The new versions are now using the gennix tints which are great against color fading. I have been using this line for close to 20 years now and have never been disappointed.

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