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Cost to Paint a House:

Interior Painting services in Milton can vary based on the amount of surface prep work both required and desired by the customer.  Painting costs per sq foot will fluctuate based on a number of factors.   Factors that influence the cost of interior painting services in Milton are as follows:

Interior Painting Costs (cost is $.75 to $2.45 per square foot)

Walls vs Trim:  most cost per sq foot quotes placed in classifieds and on the internet is based on a walls only estimate for  your standard room.  Trim refers to items like windows, baseboards, doors and door frames.  A standard room is a one story room with 8 foot celings, two door frames (entry and closet) and one window frame.

3399_lgCeilings and Closets: – as per above (typically not included in standard cost per sq foot estimates for painting).  At Sharrard Painting standard closets are included and painting of the ceilings would be considered additional.

Condition of Work Space:  ability to work in the space – is there a lot of clutter, furniture?  An empty house will cost less to paint the house full of furniture.  Maybe there are time restrictions associated with with the job and when it can be done.

Height of Walls: stairwells and high ceilings will also impact the cost per sq foot.

Prep Work: amount of prep work required to support warranties – dusting  scuff sanding of walls, washing.  Painters typically can’t work around dust on baseboards and cobwebs in the ceiling.3397_lg

Prep Work: amount of prep work desired by client.  Some clients just want a fresh coat of paint and simple dents and scuffs can be ignored – eg rental apartments, others may require a finer or more detailed finish wall restoration service..

Types of Paint Used and Colours: painting over and painting with darker colours will impact the cost per sq ft.


Exterior Home Painting Costs in Milton

Its hard to provide painting estimates based on cost per sq ft for exterior painting services in Milton   These are items the impact the cost of exterior painting:

Time of Year:  an exterior painting contractor will charge more per hour for work needing to be done in September / October – calendars fill up quickly and because the winter is coming there are less good days for a painter in Milton to paint.

Prep Work:  same as interior painting, basic prep work to support warranties and prep work involved in the restoration of exterior trim painting service in Milton.

Amount of Trim Work:  soffits, eves, fascia and windows are typically maintenance free in today’s home but older homes my still have them.580Wetlauffer-1-460x270

Ladder Work:  high soffits, peeks etc will impact cost.

Siding:  flat siding  batten board, stucco – how will it be painted, by brush? by roller?, sprayer?  A typical painter can apply paint via a brush at 85+ sq ft per hour, if the siding can be painted with a roller that rate can vary from 100 sq per hour to 250 sq feet per hour depending on the high of the wall and ladders needed.

Trees and Bushes:  do these need to be tied back in order to get access to the items needing painting.

Type of Paint and Colour:  as per interior work, significant colour changes will impact the cost of the work needing to be done.

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