Getting Ready for the Painters

As a professional painter in Oakville I often need to get my clients ready for interior painting projects.   To facilitate that process I created this standard memo to insure that all items are covered off prior to us starting your painting project.

  1. Rooms in General – remove all items from the tops of the furniture (eg dresser, night stands, dining room hutch).  You do not need to move items into the center of the room but the painters should be able to easily move the furniture  without fear of having an item fall off or out of the furniture.  All items should be lifted up from the floor. Reading lights can be left in place.
  2. Art Work – please remove all art work from the walls and store in a room that is not being painted.   Please be sure to circle any nails or mounts attached to the wall that will remain.  All other holes, including those where the nail, mount or screw was left will be filled.
  3. Blinds – unless stated in the contract the customer needs to remove and replace there own blinds.  This includes shower curtains if the bathroom is to be painted.
  4. Brush Washing – the painters will need to wash brushes and rollers – it the kitchen sink is off limits please let us know.  The laundry tub is where most of the brushes and rollers should be rinsed but occasionally the kitchen sink may be used for a quick rinse.
  5. Door hardware –  when painting doors some customers see this as optimal time to replace a lock set or door knob.  Unfortunately we can only put back on what we took off.  Additional labor charges apply when the lock sets are changed.
  6. Kitchens & Bathrooms – If painting the kitchen / bathroom all items should be removed from the counters.  Sometimes painters may have to put a foot on the counters to paint out a bulkhead because the counter makes it impossible to get the ladder close enough.
  7. Closets – if the closet walls are being painted – all items of clothing must be removed from the closet.  If the back of closet door is being painted the clothing in the closet should be fairly clear of the of the door – if the inside of the closet door frame is to be painted then all clothing will need to be removed from the closet.
  8. Kitchens & Bathrooms – painters will use the microwave to reheat beverages and lunches – please let us know if this will be a problem.
  9. Smoking.  I don’t smoke but have noticed that many painters do.  Some of the painters in my crews smoke.  I usually request that the painter take their smoke near to where they parked the car, i.e. not your front landing or garage.  If there are non smoking arrangements that need to be made please bring these to our attention.  We will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.
  10. Electrical Face Plates, Switch Covers.  In some contracts the customer is responsible to remove and replace these objects – please insure these are safely stored.
  11. Ladders & Tools  – some ladders and tools may be left on site during the project.
  12. Communication – we believe in keeping it open so if there is something on your mind please let us know immediately and we will try to address your concern ASAP.
  13. Start times can vary depending on the jobs material requirements and distances traveled to get the job.  We will call if we are going to be later 9:30 for a start time.  Customers should be prepared to let painters work up until 6:00 PM and communicated a day or two in advance if this is not possible.

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