Request for Site Survey


The next step will be for me to come onsite and conduct a site survey.   The goal of that meeting are as follows:

  • answer any questions you might have about the overall refinishing process.
  • finalize scope and any other contract details
  • discuss proposed schedule options
  • discuss colour options

Please take a quick second to review and answer the questions in the form below.

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A) Scheduling:

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When did you need the project finished by? Provide comments:
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B) Availability: when are you available to meet for a site survey? They usually take about 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

Mon -->  Morning Afternoon Evening
Tue -->  Morning Afternoon Evening
Wed -->  Morning Afternoon Evening
Thu -->  Morning Afternoon Evening
Fri -->  Morning Afternoon Evening
Sat -->  Morning Afternoon

C) Other Projects: sometimes the refinishing is part of a larger renovation. Are you planning on taking on any other projects during or prior to refinishing project.
Countertops: -->  Yes No Considering
Backsplash: -->  Yes No Considering
Floors: -->  Yes No Considering
Painting of Walls: -->  Yes No Considering
Modifications to the existing cabinets: -->  Yes No
Installation of New or Additional Cabinets: -->  Yes No

Comments Re Other Projects:

D) Colours: detail what colours you plan to use or provide a general sense of what your colours you want to use:
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Will you require a custom color match? Yes No 


E) Other Questions

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